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    April 8 & 9, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium


    Experience the mustang fever!

    April 8 & 9, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Mustang Fever 2017

Mustang fever is the conference for those who love mustangs. Enjoy a 2 day event with our huge variety of mustang fans from all over the benelux And beyond

Mustang fever 2017 is over…

8th & 9th of april 2017 …

Why Attend Mustang Fever 2017 ?

If you have a passion for Mustangs, are curious or you’d like to learn more about them? Go ahead and visit us during Mustang Fever.

Mustangs from all over the world on our event

Visit the store and take an inside look in the workshop!

Facilities for food, drinks and more

An amazing experience filled with extraordinary cars

Quality Time with Experts

Attending to Mustang Fever will give you the oppurtunity to take some quality time with one of the experts of the Mustang Garage and have a chat about your dream car and/or your peronal modifications…

Who Should Attend?

Everyone, from age 0-99 should attend! It’s an event that will astonish you with its charm and character. Simply an experience that will expand your horizon and maybe pass on the mustang fever to you. Come by have a drink and a bite. Enjoy the cars, the shop and the workplace tour!

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A video shot by one of our fans

Take a look at a compilation video created by one of our fans. Get the look and feel of the event even before it”s started. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we do!

Register for Mustang Fever 2017

Let us know if you are joining us for our 2 day mustang event!


A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have Mustang Fever without you!


Mustang Fever Venue

Location that you'll be looking for

You can find the event location easly. It's right infront of the Mustang Garage!

Additional Details

If there is any need for additional information you can feel free to contact us!


Schaapsweg 4, 3550 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Phone: +32 11 433 633


Our venue is a 5 minutes walk  from Heusdens railway station – there are regular trains from Hasselts and Antwerp.


Parking is quite easy you can park pretty close to the event.Make sure you ask staff at the Mustang Fever for a directions if you can’t find a parking spot

Places To Stay

Make the most of your visit and stay the night. If you want to stay quite near the venue you could look for an Airbnb in Heusden or Hasselts. Or you could pick one of the hotels nearby(Hasselts).

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